A love of Witch House Music


This is a personal blog to share my love of the blossoming witch house music scene with the rest of the world.  I hope, in the process, I get the opportunity to share some new sounds with you!   


Witch house is a mysteriously themed genre of dark, indie electronic music.  The kind that possesses a visceral aural style that rose in late 2000s. The music is vigorously affected by slashed and screwed hip-jump, atmospheric and dark encompassing soundscapes, pitch shifted vocals, and arduous amounts of experimentation, and characteristics utilization of synthesizers, drum machines, movie samples, rambling drones and intensely charged, ethereal, incoherent vocals. Witch house visual tasteful incorporates mysterious, witchcraft, shamanism and terribleness motivated works of art, montages and photos and also critical utilization of typographic components, for example Unicode symbols.many works by witch house visual craftsmen consolidate subjects from 60s, 70s and 80s religion and dark blood and gore flicks, the Tv arrangement Twin Peaks, and standard popular society superstars. Normal typographic components in craftsman and track names incorporate triangles, crosses, and other Unicode images, which are seen by a few as a system for keeping the scene underground and harder to hunt down on the Internet.

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